The name Tiffany comes from ancient Greece and means bright

The name Tiffany comes from ancient Greece and means bright. The name is not so common these days as it was a century ago but it is still synonymous with luxurious goods because of the store of that name in New York.

The founder of the New York store had a son he called Louis, born in 1848. The son did not go directly into the family business but preferred to study the use of coloured blown glass in mosaics,  True Religion Jeans UK jewellery and ceramics. The result was some fantastic objects that are now worth small fortunes when they ever come up in auction.

Fortunately, you do not have to pay a fortune for a 'Tiffany' lamp. The name has become a general term for any object made in the style of the original. Whether a single colour glass or a mosaic of many colours, these lamps and ceiling lights will brighten any room. Tiffany Necklaces Modern reproduction tiffany lamps are available today and are much in demand.

The idea of coloured glass goes back a thousand years and more. Evidence shows the idea of decorative coloured glass was known and used in the seventh century. In the eleventh century the art was flourishing all over Europe. The church represented the wealth of the land in those days and nearly all the stained glass was designed for churches. Some of the most spectacular coloured glass is to be found in the great cathedrals and churches of Europe.

Coloured glass has not just been used in Western Europe over the last thousand years. Tiffany Key The Persians have throughout their history been experimenting and using it in mosques and in art.

In the Victoria and Albert museum in London there was recently a whole room given over to coloured glass mosaics from modern day Iran. There is a living Iranian woman artist who specializes in spectacular glass bead murals which reflect a different light from whichever angle you look at it.

The Incas used coloured glass as ornaments and jewellery a couple of thousand years ago and in a strange twist, those South Sea Islanders who did not have coloured glass, gave away fortunes in precious stones to seafarers who traded with them.

Looking at light through glass has even given us the expression, 'looking through Rose tinted glasses.' The origins of this saying has been lost through time but some people swear that looking through rose tinted glasses on a sunny day, uplifts your spirit. Not all would agree. What about all those old hippies of the sixties and seventies with rose tinted glasses? They never looked particularly happy; Tiffany Bangles but then again many of them did not even look as if they were in! You don't need to wear the glasses at home, just get yourself some tiffany lamps to brighten your mood.

Fifty years ago this year, the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's was released. In the film, the star, Audrey Hepburn wears some spectacular Tiffany jewellery. She also wears that little black dress which recently sold at auction for an astonishing four hundred and ten thousand U.S dollars!


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